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Rise of the Djinn (2021)

Раздел: Zenescope Entertainment | Категория: Zenescope | Добавлен: 20.10.2021 | Просмотров: 224 | Рейтинг: 0.0/0

Things couldn't be worse for Tamara Brazile. A highly decorated and venerable police detective withalmost fifteen years of experience on the job, her world comes crashing down around her when herhusband is murdered at the hands of a serial killer she had been pursuing. And to make mattersworse, she is diagnosed with Stage IV for breast cancer before she has a chance to bring the killer tojustice. But as fate would have it, she is given a second chance at life when she discovers that she isa descendant of an ancient race of DJINN (genies), with the power to cure herself and others.However, there is a catch: She can only keep the power so long as she aids a pair of evil djinn bring anancient djinn named Arghan back to life to aid them in a coming war amongst the other djinn of the world.A war which could usher in an age of misery and strife for mankind.

Rise of the Djinn #1Rise of the Djinn #2Rise of the Djinn #3


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